Celebration Quilters specializes in gathering and stitching together fabrics that hold special places in our hearts. You can trust their experience in all aspects of carefully creating your quilt, from design to final finishing touches.

Jan Bjorkman has been been piecing quilts and quilted wall hangings and pillows since high school. Celebration Quilters, grew out of quilting experience as well as the requests for custom quilts from friends and family. From the minute you drop off your clothing or ideas, we are dreaming along with you as we create a unique quilt to suit your expectations, dimensions, color choices and design ideas.

In 2001, to commemorate her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, Jan along with her daughter, found themselves at a café in Michigan sketching out the design for an anniversary quilt.  They wanted to have as many relatives and friends included in the celebration as possible, so they decided to send squares of fabric out to relatives and friends from Sweden and Germany to Arizona and Michigan.

They planned to center the quilt with squares from their 9 grandchildren.  After the quilt was completed and presented to her Mom and Dad, they looked at our original sketch and it was almost an exact representation!  The only challenge was that many more friends wanted to contribute and the outer rim of squares kept growing larger.

Jan began making t-shirt quilts when a friend asked her to make a t-shirt quilt for her son, graduating from high school.  It was her first t-shirt quilt and included everything from baby clothes to high school t-shirts.

Jan’s first Memorial quilt was made in memory of her niece Brita who died in a car accident.  It is a wool quilt with 16 applique pansies in the color scheme of purples that she so loved.  She made another Memorial quilt with Brita’s sports clothing and socks, given to her younger brother.

Life quilts began with a request for a quilt for 7 year old Tori, incorporating the clothes, shirts, blankets, sweatshirts from her childhood.  The colors of her clothes were pastels to hot pinks.  Her Mom would decorate her bedroom around the quilt.

They are gorgeous!! All your work is wonderful. Love the energy and effort that you put in them. It makes a big difference. Today, I'll be hanging my quilt and will be giving my sister her quilt tomorrow!! Can't wait!!

- Laurie Collins


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