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How long do quilts take to complete?

The length of time varies per style of quilt. We will give you an estimate of a finish date once we receive your order and your deposit. Work begins on your quilt once your order, your fabric and your deposit are received. Anniversary and custom designed quilts take the longest time. The gathering of quilt squares from friends and family needs to be completed before the actual quilt construction begins. KinderQuilt, T-Shirt, Memorial and Random Square quilts can be completed in a three month time frame.

Do I have to meet with you in person to order my quilt?

We can easily communicate via phone and email. You can send your fabric and materials to us, and once they have arrived, we can consult by phone or email. If we have questions during the quilt design or construction phase, we will contact you.

Can I see my quilt as it is being designed and constructed?

Yes, visit our studio in Wisconsin to see your quilt as it is constructed, or we can email photos to you. We can make small changes during the design phase per your preferences.

Can I place my order on-line?

Much of our communication can take place on-line. Most quilts need fabric and garments sent to us. Simply fill out the Order Form online and email it to us! We will discuss details by email or phone. Your payments can be made on line securely through PayPal or off line by check.

How much do quilts cost?

Our quilts range from $60 to $2000. Prices for each type of quilt are listed on the page for that quilt. Contact us for pricing on custom quilts.

Do you offer any type of guarantee?

We hope that by working closely with you, your quilt is designed and constructed to your satisfaction. There are no refunds or returns on custom quilts. We will be happy to make repairs within 30 days of receipt by client.

How do I decide on the size of my quilt?

The use for the quilt as well as the number of items you have to be included will determine the size. If you want to use it as a comforter on a bed, you can measure the bed top and add inches for how much you want the comforter to hang over the sides and foot of the bed. We can customize a quilt to your exact size specifications, even doll beds! Quilts are priced to the nearest standard size or per square inch. If it will be a wall hanging, decide where it will hang, and measure the space. You can give us both the wall dimensions and the measurements you would like your finished wall hanging to be.

How do I best use my quilt?

The best way to use an Anniversary quilt with contributed squares from friends and family will be to hang it on a wall or in a place that receives no direct sunlight. You will not want to hang it in an area of high traffic or sticky hands. KinderQuilts can be displayed in your child’s room or used on a doll bed. T-shirts are often used as bedspreads, comforters, or throws. Memorial quilts can either be used for warmth or displayed. For the more complex and intricate designs, many people like to hang them so the quilt can be appreciated in its entirety. Random square quilts can be used as a TV room wrap, sent with a college student, or used on a bed. Any quilt can be used as a wallhanging by adding a sleeve to the back of the quilt (available as an option when ordering).

Are quilts washable?

Custom Anniversary are not washable due to the unstable nature of inclusions from friends and family. Quilts with lots of detail and fragile elements meant as wall hangings are best served by dry cleaning or dusting. Wool quilts should be dry cleaned. Cotton and T-shirt quilts are washable on a delicate cycle. Complete washing and cleaning instructions are included with each quilt.

What kind of clothing and fabric do I send to be included in my Memorial quilt?

It will take some time after a person has died to sort through the person’s clothing. Often a type of clothing jumps out at you. You may want to include all of a person’s t-shirts and sports clothing in one quilt, and include many wool suits in another quilt. It is possible to include all types of fabric from silk tie to t-shirt to denim work pants to flannel shirts in one quilt. Other fabrics like silk, stretchy or slinky fabrics add spice to your quilt, but should be considered mainly for display quilts. If the quilt will be used and washed frequently, select fabrics and clothing that can withstand frequent washings. If the quilt will be hung or displayed, more delicate fabrics can be used.

Is there any type of item NOT suited for inclusion in a Memorial quilt?

Almost any fabric can be incorporated into a quilt. Wall hangings offer the greatest possibility for including unusual items like buttons, medals and ribbons.

How many items do I send?

To answer this question, try laying out the clothing, think about which areas of each piece you want us to use. Decide on the finished size for your quilt. We recommend sending many garments with the special pieces/areas you want the quilt to revolve around marked with a safety pin.

How do I choose what type of quilting is best for my quilt?

It will depend on the look you want, the quilt’s intended use, and personal preference. Most quilts are machine quilted in a overall pattern of your choosing. Custom quiting is available as an upgrade.

What materials do I supply?

For the Anniversary Quilt, you will be ordering packets to send to family and friends.When you have gathered them, you will send us the finished squares. For T-shirt, Memorial, Alumni, Random Square and Cotton Mix quilts, you will send clean and laundered garments to us. A deposit must be included with each order and gathering of garments and squares. If you would like additional fabric included in your quilt, indicate that on your order form. You can indicate color and theme choices on the order form. 80/20 Cotton/poly batting is used on all quilts unless otherwise requested. 100% cotton backing, binding, and sashing fabric is included in your price.

Will I get the leftover fabric back?

If requested, we can send you the left-over scraps along with your finished quilt.

Can I use denim in my quilt?

Yes, denim can be included. If the denim is heavy weight, we use smaller pieces of it. Embroidery works well on denim.

How many pieces of clothing do I need to send? Should I cut the pieces of clothing or t-shirts before sending?

No, send whole pieces when you can. You can tell us which parts of the clothing is to be used, or put safety pins on the areas to be used.

Can I choose a color scheme for the quilt?

Yes, in the order form you can select your color preferences. If the quilt is to be coordinated with wallpaper or the paint color of a room, you can send us a sample of wallpaper and a paint chip.

How do I choose a backing or border fabric?

Your color preferences and the predominant color of the quilt pieces will determine the color and print of the fabric used.

Can I do photo transfers myself and send them to you?

Yes, transfer them to 100% cotton. There are several products that you can use with a scanner and computer.

Can I send photos to you for transfer?

Yes, we will do the transfer to white 100% cotton fabric for you, see Order Form for price.

Can I send a poem or hand-written greeting?

Yes, we will scan onto high quality white cotton for inclusion, see order form for price.

B & W or color?

Either works well. B & W lends a historic feel, color adds the touch of today. They can be combined together in a quilt or used exclusively in your quilt.

How should I send you my digital files and in what format?

A resolution of at least 300 dpi jpeg or tif files is recommended. Since these files are often too large to email, we ask that you burn them to a CD and mail them to us.

Can I send a piece of artwork or a photo if it?

Yes, we can scan. Send on disk at 300 dpi.


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