A precious way to remember and preserve your baby’s clothing. Your KinderQuilt can include onesies worn every day, his first pair of Oshkosh denims, her baptism dress, his nearly worn out baby camouflage sweatshirt, bibs and t-shirts. Garments are combined in a crazy quilt design and is machine quilted in a pattern that can include daisies, stars and hearts.  Your child’s name can even be quilted into the design.

KinderQuilts can be the centerpiece of décor in your child’s bedroom or your family room. Smaller Kinder Quilts are irresistible as doll quilts. With each piece of clothing included in the quilt will come memories and stories of where and when each was worn, the friend who gave it, the vacation trip, even the spills slobbers can be preserved!

Thank you so much for your hard work and patience in guiding us through this process. You have created a work of art and Zachary will always own a reflection of love — what an amazing creation! Thanks again to you and your creative team. Sincere thanks.

- D


6480 Briarwood Drive
Burlington, WI 53105