This one-of-a-kind quilt allows you to gather treasured memories from a lifetime of living together in one place through the medium of fabric.  We listen to you, take your memories and place them throughout the quilt using novelty fabrics, photos, t-shirts, ties, aprons, doll clothes, even tutus using a Crazy Quilt format and design. Every square inch contains a memory jog. Novelty fabrics are available to represent anything from your favorite sports teams to beach scenes, circus, board games, foods, hobbies, career and travel.  T-shirts from places and events are incorporated into the design. Photos and documents can be transferred to fabric to complete the story.

A phone call checking on our mailing address, then FOUR huge boxes arrive on our doorstep, filled to the brim with bags of fabric and clothing.  Inside each box were plastic bags of novelty fabric categorized by interests, hobbies, places of travel, career, schools and favorite foods.  Also in the boxes were t-shirts, aprons, bibs, photos of favorite pets and places.

Once again I can only say thank you for yet another-to-be-family-treasure. I simply do not have the words to tell you how much everyone in the family has enjoyed the quilts and pillows you made for us.

- Chris

As ever your creativity leaves me without the ability to feel that I'm saying a sufficient thank you. I know Julie and Eric will treasure their quilt as they do the memories that his will remind them of. Thank you so much!

- Anonymous

Yes! Once again, thank you so much for bringing more of our family memories to life in such a wonderful and creative way!

- Anonymous


6480 Briarwood Drive
Burlington, WI 53105