With the loss of a loved one, it can take time to be able to sort through things, but when you are ready to bundle up your loved one’s suits, skirts, ties and t-shirts, we will lovingly receive them and design them into a Memorial Quilt.  Your Memorial quilt will be a comforting remembrance that will carry fond memories of your loved one into the arms of future generations.
Memorial quilts are made with the clothing you provide.  Additional fabric can be incorporated into your quilt.  Photos and text can be scanned and printed for inclusion in the quilt.

The memorial quilt stitches scraps and pieces of a loved one’s clothing into a quilt celebrating his or her life. It can include all types of clothing including suits, ties, shirts, skirts, uniforms, an apron pocket, even a wedding dress or hair ribbons. Photos and text can also be transferred to fabric and included. The quilts offer a way for people to wrap themselves in warm memory and help them through the grieving process.

Your quilt will be made with the clothing you provide, with additional fabric added if necessary. You are welcome to send additional fabric that is meaningful as well.

Photos and text can be scanned and printed onto high quality white Pima cotton for inclusion in your Memory quilt.

Your Memorial quilt will be machine quilted in an all-over pattern or loops and hearts. A lightweight cotton/poly batting completes the quilt, with the option of 100% cotton or wool batting, priced separately.

The quilts just arrived. I am speechless and tearful. They are absolutely gorgeous. I am amazed at the detail and quality. The words "thank you" are inadequate. You truly are a memory keeper - you have a talent and a skill. I am so lucky to have found you to do this work. I am deeply grateful.

- Allison

They are gorgeous!! All your work is wonderful. Love the energy and effort that you put in them. It makes a big difference. Today, I'll be hanging my quilt and will be giving my sister her quilt tomorrow! Can't wait!

- Anonymous

The finished quilt allows you to wrap yourself in a warm memory. Looking at it and feeling the fabric of memory can help us through the rough days of grieving our loved ones!

- Janice


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