Do you have t-shirts stuffed into bags and boxes too? Bring them out into the light of day! A T-Shirt quilt is a perfect way to preserve your own or a loved one’s personal story. It makes a perfect gift to celebrate a high school or university graduation.

As you find yourself paring down, send us your stack of treasured t-shirts to transform into a personalized T-Shirt Quilt. Each t-shirt quilt is as wildly unique as it’s owner! This type of quilt works nicely as a Sorority/Fraternity, Alumni or College quilt.

Each T-Shirt quilt is individually designed using clothing collected and saved from special events and occasions. T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts and jerseys with themes from sports to rock concerts, vacations and college sororities can be included. Preserve your memories where you can see and feel them!

Quilts are made with 100% cotton sashing, binding and backing.

In constructing your quilt, each t-shirt is stabilized with a fusible backing, ironed on to the back  before cutting and sewing together into your quilt. This prevents stretching and adds to the longevity of your quilt. Washing and care instructions will be provided with each quilt.

My t-shirt quilt was the most incredible gift I have ever received! I know you said I can sleep with it but I'm so afraid to! I want to put it on display in a glass case and just look at it all day. I mean you did such an incredible job! I will treasure it forever! It will be my home away from home at college and for the rest of my life.

- Allison

That is a work of art! Worthy of display on a wall not a bed! Thank you so much. I am sooooooo happy.

- Carol


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